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Katadyn Pocket water filter

Katadyn Pocket water filter- Review
PROS: In my opinion maybe the best personal water filter on the market. I took it with me , and used a couple of times in Spain, and started to think that it was a waste of money , until i reached Morocoo, and everything changed. If you plan to travel the world, for sure you will find cleIt is built from quality steel, and the attention to details is amazing. I find it easy to pump, let’s say 1 litre per minute. The ceramic filter allows you to trust pumping water from almost any source, and don’t get sick, I did try it on myself in Morocco.

CONS: At first look, the price, but now I’m sure that it will pay itself after a year or so. ar , fresh spring wáter, but for sure you will be put in a position to drink lousy, dirty water, so this filter can save your guts, and a lot of money.


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