“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” – Steve Martin
KM: 10.444; DAYS: 250; COUNTRIES: 2

A human powered transportation

Choosing a human powered vehicle in an automobile-centred civilization means:

Avoiding all environmental issues related to fossil fuel motorized vehicles (extraction, transport, combustion) and eliminating air, earth and water pollution as secondary effects. My food is my fuel, as i am the engine and the driver of the tricycle.

Live a healthier life with daily physical activity, which also means real caloric necessities, better sleep and a deeper connection between mind and bodie.

Embody and promote the pedal powered locomotion as the most efficient and historically proven mean of transportation with all its benefits for the people and the environment.

Travelling at a slower pace, which -contrary to plane or automobile transportation— allows me to: stop or move almost anywhere i want, enjoy the surroundings, be closer to the natural rhythm of life and appreciate its wonders, have access to places that no car can get to and talk to interesting and interested people like you.

Self sustained touring

I’m basically traveling completely independent and carry all i need with me:

I use an alcohol burning stove for cooking which is efficient, fast and non-polluting. Preparing
meals in 20 minutes at minimal costs with no waste gives me more time to rest or travel.

All sleeping arrangements are covered by tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, which can offer me shelter in virtually any meteorological conditions. Sleeping under the open sky means i can enjoy the stars above, the sounds of nature and the clean air.

All my gadgets are charged by solar panels and energy is stored in accumulators.

I do not depend on noisy camping grounds or expensive hotels, and also avoid all environmental
pollution related to the consumer lifestyle.

As I’m travelling on a very tight budget, my expenses are minimal, mainly food and rarely other basic necessities, and trike repairs.
Authors: R.N. & V.B.

Eco Lifestyle


I eat only vegetarian and raw foods: cereals,vegetables and fruits. Thus i’m properly fuelled, respect all animal life forms and help protect the environment.
Water for drinking and cooking is sourced from wells or filtered from rivers where other options
are not available. No plastic bottles or aluminium cans to dispose of.


All my camping activities follow the mandatory leave-no-trace ethics (http://lnt.org/) . No wood
fires, no ground markings, no noise and no trash left behind. All places i camp in are left in the
same condition i’ve found them.


I use basic, simple, natural showering methods and all my hygienic necessities are minimal, no chemical waste results from any of my habits.
I wash my own clothes using sometimes biodegradable detergents or just simple pure water and dispose of any inorganic containers responsibly.

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